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thumb tony irving 01Tips for the extra demanding skin

Rough skin with a predisposition for blackheads: Add Rosenserien Peeling Cream 2 times per week.

Oily skin in need of additional deep cleaning: Rosenserien Clay Mask 1-2 times per week.

Thin lines or swelling / bags around the eyes: Rosenserien Eye Cream effectively counter

Irritation and "razor bumps": Lubricate with Jojoba Oil before shaving. Use Peeling Cream day after shaving, it prevents razor bumps.

Very dry skin: Use Rosenserien Night Care Intense or Carrot Oil as a complement at night.

"Tired" skin and skin with signs of aging: Add a few drops Rosenserien Vitamin C Serum with Rose Root on the skin before Moisturizer or Night Care Intense at night.